Photos from Treborth

Thanks to Bronwen Richards, Rob Parkin and contributers to the STAG Facebook group for the following pictures.

In the Orchid House

Work Party - Cutting up fallen Ash

Work Party - Propogation of Plants

Work Party - in the Tropical House

When the Agave americana flowered - from below...

... and above

The buildings (clockwise from top) Lab, Tropical House, Carnivorous Plant House (bottom right), Orchid House (centre, green shading), Temperate House (directly under the photographer!)

Cider Making 2007 - The Harvest

Cider Making 2007 - The Crushing

Cider Making 2007 - Loading the apple pulp

Cider Making 200 - The Pressing

Botanical Beats, Summer 2008 - Main Stage

Botanical Beats, Summer 2008 - Art Installation

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